Tronx Motors launches the first Smart Crowover Electric Bike in India, Learn Price

ट्रॉन्क्स मोटर्स ने भारत में लॉन्च की पहली स्मार्ट क्रॉओवर इलेक्ट्रिक बाइक, जानें कीमतSmartRun Company, Tronx Motors has launched its first Smart Crossover Electric Bike Tronx One in India. This electric bike has been designed and engineered in India only. The starting price of this bike is Rs 49,999 and it is available in two colors - Magma Red and Pacific Blue. The booking of the units of this bike has already started, which the company will deliver from July 16.
According to the company's claim, Tronx One provides a powerful riding experience at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. In this crossover bike there are 3 electric gears and 6-speed semaman shifts with multiple riding modes and Vertical Gears, which can adjust the range and speed according to their own accord. Tronx One is used in premium AEROGRADE alloy frame metal, which is used to make aircraft.
Anoop Nath, founder and CEO of Tronx Motor, said, "Tronx One is built in India by a team of company designers and engineers and we are very excited about launching in India. Equipped with advanced features like Advanced Detachable Lithium Battery Technology, powered by Advanced Samsung Cells, designed to carry and charge. Customers running this will experience powerful and fun riding because it is powered by tronXTM ecosystem. "
Lightweight and Detachable in Tronx One, 250V rear hub motor has been given with batteries of 13.6 Ah Lithium 500 W. Tronx One claims that his bike will travel 50 kilometers on a charge on Throttle Motor and is capable of traveling 70-85 kilometers on a charge on electronic gear assist mode.
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