This little girl is playing Sunny Leone's biopic, Sunny Leone's childhood character

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Friends Sunny Leone is Bollywood's beautiful and popular actress. After taking many troubles in his life today, he is successful. In this way, Sunny Leone's life is going to be a biopic film on her life. More than half of the film has been shot and the film trailer has also been released. In such a movie, there is a girl playing the childhood of Sunny Leone. In the meantime, today we will tell you about him. This little girl is playing Sunny Leone's biopic. See Sunny Leone's childhood character here.

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Sunny Leone is a good actress of Bollywood. In order to achieve success in his life, he has gone through a lot of difficulties. So his biopic film is coming. Sunny Leone has acted in this film but apart from this, her childhood character is playing a girl. Let us tell you who is that girl.

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Sunny Leone's biopic, named after her childhood, is named Raisa Saawajani. Ryasa is from London and she is an actor and model. Raisa is just 15 years old. Sunny Leone's biopic teaser has found that Ryoasa has a good acting. This teaser has seen more than 1.25 million people, now it is to see how Sunny Leone's biopic logo looks like! We hope you have enjoyed this teaser.

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