This is the world's most powerful vegetable, you have ever eaten

Today we are going to tell you about a fruit that 99% of people will not know about. You will not have any idea of ​​its medicinal properties and benefits at all. Let's know about that fruit
This is the world's most powerful vegetable, you have ever eatenये है दुनिया की सबसे ताकतवर सब्जी, कभी खाई है आपने
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The name of the tomorrow we are talking about is Kakoda or Karkot or Kakrola. Its scientific name is Momordica Dioca. It is a type of vegetable that looks like bitter gourd, just its size is small. It has small spiny fibers and is found in hilly terrain.

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This is especially produced in the rainy season and its vine is of two types - male and female bell. It is very tasty in food. Making a vegetable with garlic and hot spices makes it very tasty to eat.
Let's know its medicinal uses
1. Kakora Bell has a lump in the root, which has very medicinal properties. You eat this tuber with sugar or honey in the amount of 1 to 5 grams. This will benefit you. Keep in mind that by consuming more amounts you may vomit.

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2. If you consume the fruits of both male and female plants of the fruit, then the toxic toxic venom will also be removed.
3. There are many types of medicinal ingredients in which your physical ailments are removed.
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