This film hero himself came to politics but did not let his children come, know its rule

ये फ़िल्मी हीरो खुद राजनीति में आये लेकिन अपने बच्चो को नहीं आने दिए, जानिए इसका राजThird party image reference
There are three such great leaders and leaders who come with great ease in the world of movies from the world of films, who do not allow their children to enter politics. Rather they set them in the film world. And now his career is not well in politics. Know Its Complete Secrets
Vinod Khanna was also a minister
Star actor Vinod Khanna spoke in the picture, now he is not in this world. Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency of Punjab was once a parliamentarian He was also the Union Minister of State in the Vajpayee Government but he did not allow his children to enter politics. The reason behind this was that their children were not able to become stars, so they had to stay in the film world.

Shatrughan Sinha

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Union Minister Shatrughan Sinha is the BJP's star leader. In the Atal government, he got a place in the cabinet. He was made the Union Minister. MP from Patna Lok Sabha elections are winning His daughter Sonakshi has also become a big actress but she is not bringing her children towards politics. Now their own struggle has started.
Hema Malini's fight started

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Hema Malini came to the Rajya Sabha in BJP but later she was given a big post in the BJP's organization who was made the national vice president. After that Hema Malini became an MP from Mathura. They have two daughters. But he does not want to bring them into politics. Now Hema's ticket is being cut.
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