This cheap cheap bike from Bajaj, who came to the market in the coming market, see photos

आ गयी मार्किट में तहलका मचाने वाली बजाज की यह खूसबूरत सस्ती बाइक, देखें तस्वीरेंThird party image reference
Hello friends, today we will talk about a new bike from Bajaj which is very much beautiful to be seen which was recently launched by Bajaj which is being told. Has become much more powerful than before, in which you can go for a long journey, and in it you will find powerful new features like seats headlamp, self-start, and best thing is its design which is much more attractive, this bike is now available to you. What is the name of this bike is to be thinking. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is worth 98,714 to 1,10,000 and Mileage gives 55 kms. If you are thinking of picking a similar bike then soon you will get the details of this bike purchased in the nearby showroom.

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Bajaj Palasar is powered by 199.5 cc liquid cooling engine, which produces 23.17 bhp worth of electricity and 18.3 nm worth torque. The Std version of Pulsar comes with five-gear transmission and the ABS version comes with six-gear transmission. It comes with a wet multi-plate hydraulic clutch.
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