The biggest income tax raid till now, more than 160 crores cash and 98 kg gold recovered

अब तक की सबसे बड़ी इनकम टैक्स रेड, 160 करोड़ से अधिक कैश और 98 किलो सोना बरामदThird party image reference
In the course of the stringent action of the Modi government against corruption and tax evasion, news headlines remained in the news of all major newspapers in the posh operations of Chennai's posh field. 160 crore cash and 98 kg gold has been recovered in the Incom Tax Department conducted on the various offices of SKG Group, the contractor of Nagarajan Sayyadurai, the company's contractor for construction of roads on the tax evasion of crores rupees.

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Two machines have been installed to count the cache received in such a huge quantity. According to media sources, the action taken in various offices of the company was continued till the next morning. In this operation, the operation started in the name of Operation Parking Money, the Income Tax Department raided 22 different places in Tamil Nadu, in which police was recovered in such a large amount.

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After raiding 22 places in Tamil Nadu and recovering such a large number of cash, officials of the Income Tax Department say that this operation is being conducted by the Investigation Team of the Income Tax Department in Chennai and in many places still raids are still on. There is no record of recovered rupees and gold recovered. The recovered cache was filled in many travel bags and kept in the parking lots and the seats in the parking lots. Nagarajan's State Chief Minister E. Palaniswami is very close to many leaders of the ruling AIADMK. According to media sources, it is the proceedings of the country's largest income tax department till date. It is expected that this figure will increase till the end of the proceedings.
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