Speaking of everyone will stop today, as the Oppo Find X smartphone will launch in India

Tech Testing: - In order to counter big companies, China's famous smartphone maker Oppo is going to launch a smartphone in the Indian market today. That is designed to make big companies like Shomei compete. Let the friends know that the smartphone we are talking about. The name of the smartphone is Oppo Find X. And this smartphone will soon be seen in the Indian market to let you know. That this smartphone has been launched by extremely advanced features. So let's know about some special features of the phone
Speaking of everyone will stop today, as the Oppo Find X smartphone will launch in Indiaसबकी बोलती बंद हो जाएगी आज, क्योंकि भारत में लॉन्च होगा Oppo Find X स्मार्टफोन
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In this phone you have a 6.4 inch Full HD display with 8GB RAM 256 GB internal storage. If you are talking about the processor, then this phone has given you the Koyal Com Snapdragon 835 processor. Plus this phone gives you 3710mAh power battery. If you talk about the camera, then this phone gives you 16 plus 20 megapixel dual camera and a 25 megapixel selfie camera.

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If the price is talked about. So this smartphone will be launched approximately 999 Euro i.e. approximately 79,000 rupees in the Indian market. You will be able to buy e-commerce website from Amazon.

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