PM will shatter this dream of PM Modi

New Delhi: The launch of the bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is one of the special dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But now the Congress party has said that if he comes to power he will cancel the project. Senior Congress leader and former Maharashtra chief minister सत्ता मिली तो पीएम मोदी के इस सपने को चकनाचूर कर देगी कांग्रेसPrithviraj Chavan has said that if Congress comes to power, then it will cancel the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project.
He also said that these projects are not financially practical right now. The Congress Party has also opposed the increase in the share of state government in the bullet train project. There is a proposal to increase the share of state to 250 crore rupees in this project. Although this proposal was passed, Chavan still feels that this project is not impractical and only one idea is casserole.
Increasing costs
According to the media report, Chavan said, "When the UPA government ordered a study on the bullet train, its cost was 65,000 crores. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, it increased to 95,000 crores and when the MoU was signed with Japan, its cost increased to Rs. 1,10,000 crore. How can the cost be doubled in just four years? Chavan said that when he asked for a break-up of the cost, he was refused information.
He said that there is enough room to believe that something is going wrong. These projects are not economical. According to Chavan, the cost of going to Mumbai from Ahmedabad will be around 13,000 rupees. Chavan said, "Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India was not previously planned. The agreement was signed because both Abe and Modi benefited from this. Abe was facing elections in Japan and BJP had to contest the Gujarat elections. Bullet train is the most ambitious project of Prime Minister Modi. This project is going through the difficulties of land acquisition at this time.
Talk of Rahul Gandhi on the other hand
Earlier Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said in Amethi that the Modi government can not make a bullet train, but a magic train can definitely make it. He said that if a person can fulfill the dream of a bullet train, then he can only do the Congress government. In such a situation, if the Congress is now talking about canceling the entire project, then it does not match Rahul Gandhi's statement.
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