Pakistan Election: Know how this time the elections are affecting the militaries

Islamabad. On behalf of the Pakistan army, it has been said that there is no direct interference in elections due on July 25. Although 371,000 soldiers will be deployed during elections on polling booths across the country from Pakistan's army. This information has been given by a top Pakistani military officer from Pakistan. Elections in Pakistan, besides the National Assembly in July 25, will also be held in the provinces. However, objections have been lodged by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the deployment of such a large number of soldiers.
Pakistan Election: Know how this time the elections are affecting the militaries
Elections to be deployed in soldiers
Inter-Services-Public Relations, i.e. the Director General of the ISPR, Major General Asif Gafoor said this during the special session of the Standing Committee of the Senate on Internal Affairs. Gafur said that the army will always be available to help the Election Commission of Pakistan ie the ECP. He said that for this reason 371,000 soldiers have been deployed at polling stations across the country. He said that the Army will also complete the duty on the printing press for the ballot. Gafur said that the code of conduct for the soldiers of the ECP and the army will follow the commission's instructions.
Pakistan Election: जानिए कैसे इस बार चुनावों में अपना असर डाल रही है मिलिट्री
Deploy Troops at different places
Gafoor called these rumors completely unfounded, which said that different instructions have been issued to the military personal. He said that the army has nothing to do with elections and the army is just accepting the instructions of the commission. Pakistan's army is considered influential in its politics. Since Pakistan has been liberated, the Pakistan army has often tried to prove its supremacy by governing the country. Gafoor refused to give information about how to make the troupes deployed. They said that the army has completed its work and its information can not be shared on the security of every province.

Warning on Fake Alert
ECP Secretary Babar Yakub briefed the Senate panel and said that a total of 800,000 security officers, including soldiers, police and paramilitaries, would be deployed at the time of elections. Yakub told that 700,000 polling staff will complete his duty in elections. They also denied that there was no other role than giving duty in Pakistan's army elections. Meanwhile, an alert has been issued from the army and people have been warned that they should be cautious about the different types of alerts being issued on social media by the ISPR. Gafur has said that no such alerts have been issued from the ISPR.
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