Now there will be Rajinikanth's film shoot, desperate fans to get the glimpse

अब यहां होगी रजनीकांत की फिल्म की शूटिंग, झलक पाने को बेताब फैंसDehradun, [JnN]: Happy Sunday day for superstar Rajinikanth Rajinikanth, after continuous success in Doon, removed the fatigue by reaching Mussoorie and kept completely away from shooting.
After shooting in Dehradun, Rajinikanth has reached Mussoorie now. He has other artists as well. According to sources, even in Mussoorie, it will last three to four days. Here is a hospital scene in a private house. Not only that, due to the Indoor Shoot, the common people did not get the chance to get Rajinikant's glimpse, but this desire is also expected in Mussoorie. According to the information, the Mussoorie market is also expected to film several special scenes. This will help the common people to get Rajinikant's credit.
Desperate to get a glimpse of Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth's arrival in Mussoorie is getting very excited about the local people. People used to meet Rajinikanth to get photos and autographs for hours outside their hotel, but their hopes could not be fulfilled.
Time spent in rosemary
Superstar Rajinikanth, who is shooting the film in Dehradun, spent time in the kitchen on Saturday. Actress Megha Akash also supported her. Actually, Rajinikanth's film was shot in a resort located in the village of Junial. In the shoot, Rajinikanth and actress Megha Akash spent time in the kitchen like ordinary people. This view is very interesting. There was tremendous chemistry between Rajinikanth and Megha sky.
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