No Rohit, neither Kuldeep ... India won by Nottingham ODIs in England

new Delhi. Team India started the ODI series with a bumpy win. After winning the toss in Trent Bridge, Rohit Sharma, who smashed English bowlers with the bat and Kuldeep Yadav, who took the news of England's batsmen with the magic of his wrist, is fond of applause. But if you understand Rohit and Kuldeep as the real hero of victory, then you are wrong. Because, not the real reason of victory in Nottingham, but they are 3 Factors who pushed England in the face of defeat.
The first factor of victory.न रोहित, न कुलदीप... नॉटिंघम वनडे में 'इनकी' बदौलत इंग्लैंड से जीती टीम इंडिया
In Nottingham ODI, England scored 36 runs in the 11th over and lost 4 wickets. This was his slowest run rate in Trent Bridge since 2005.
Second factor of victory
England were 195 for 4 wickets after 38th over. That is, they were in the commanding position. But in the next 7 overs the dice changed and they lost 3 wickets and lost their condition. In these 7 overs, his score was just 21 runs in the board ..
The third factor of victory
In the Nottingham ODI, a factor of Team India's victory was also England's fast bowler, who had to wait 21 overs for the wicket. This was the third opportunity when England's fast bowlers had to be out of the wicket for so long in the domestic one-day series. Earlier, in 2006, after waiting for 27.2 overs in the one-dayer played at Chest Lee Street against Sri Lanka, England's fast bowlers, after waiting 24 overs in ODIs, were successful.
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