Never eat these after eating a meal, these two things, or else, these serious diseases

भुट्टा खाने के बाद कभी ना खाएं ये 2 चीजें, वरना हो जाएंगी ये गंभीर बीमारियांThird party image reference
Friends, everybody will eat a dog everyday in the summer, and friends will not be eaten by bad, it benefits us very much and at the same time our health topic is fine and it is also very tasty in food, but friends like something Things that should never be eaten after eating gram.
Never eat after eating a meal, this 2 things

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1. Never eat hot milk after eating food, because drinking it gets white white spot on our face.
2. After eating the rice, we should never consume the gram flour made from the gram flour. If you eat gram flour after eating gram, then you will immediately start making vomiting.

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