Month of Savan: Lord Shiva has to do so please do not do these 4 mistakes

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According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Saawan is considered very sacred, as we all know that the month of Savan is the beloved month of Lord Shankar, it is believed that every person's every desire to worship Bholanath in particular this special month At the same time, according to some astrologers and scientists, this time it is happening after 19 years that the holy festival of Sawan will last for 30 days and this 5 o'clock in the saawan Will come which is considered to be quite auspicious.
In the month of Savan, everybody worshiped Lord Shankar with true mind and full devotion, but many people unknowingly do some such mistakes, due to which their worship is also incomplete and they will be rewarded for their worship Until now, the Ved Sansar is going to tell you which 4 mistakes must be kept in mind during the worship of Lord Shiva in this particular month.
Month of Savan: Lord Shiva has to do so please do not do these 4 mistakesसावन का महीना: भगवान शिव को करना हैं खुश तो ना करें ये 4 गलतियां
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Many people also put turmeric on the water while offering water on Shivling, which is wrong. Tell that turmeric is considered taboo in Shiva Puja. It is believed that Shivling is related to the male element, due to which due to the turmeric on Shivling, it should not be forgotten.
If Shiv Puran is to be believed, then it should be said that Shivling should never revolve around the whole of Shivling after the anointing with water, but it is considered auspicious to do halva orbiting. Know, whatever the person revolves around Shivalinga, worshiping him does not get any benefit.

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As you know, in the month of this entire Sawan, Lord Shiva is anointed very much by milk, hence it is said that milk should not be consumed this month. The belief is that by drinking milk in the rain, the bile starts increasing, and this is why you have good health in avoiding the consumption of milk this month.

For your information, please tell that eggplant is not considered to be good in Savan, this lovely month of Lord Shiva. It is noteworthy that the religious reason behind eating eggplant is that the eggplant is considered unclean in the scriptures. On the other hand, the scientific reason for the other reason is that worms are more prone to eggplant in Savannah and in this way, eggplant can have a bad effect on health, hence banana is prohibited in the saawan.
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