Men should not leave these two things will remain weakness always away

If you are a man, then today you must read this information completely because today we are going to tell you that there are two things which you should not ever have to eat so that your body is always healthy and you can stay young for long Welcome to our AtoZ Help Chainal channel, we bring information related to knowledge, if you have come to our channel, then FOLLOW definitely do not have to do our old friends.
Men should not leave these two things will remain weakness always awayपुरुषों को नहीं छोड़ना चाहिए इन 2 चीजों का सेवन कमजोरी रहेगी हमेशा दूर
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Men's body needs the most needed protein calcium and side and this is two things about which we are about to tell. This element is present in sufficient quantity, so you should always use these two things.
Khajoor dates contain plenty of protein calcium and iron, due to which your body is always strong and strong and there is no shortage of blood and strength in your body.
Calcium and protein are found in milk milk and its consumption keeps the body strong and your bones are always strong and therefore you should never leave the milk intake.
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