luck will be always will be rain

There are many indications in our Hindu religion which tell us about what is going to happen in our lives. You must have seen that whenever a person has itching in his palms, he says that money is coming from somewhere. Not only the palm, the body and even the limbs signify the coming of money. According to Shakun Shastra there are some such secret signs which tell us about the benefits of money already.
यदि रास्ते में जाते वक्त दिख जाए ये जीव तो खुलने वाली है किस्मत, सदा होगी धन की वर्षा
These Sankentas are coming out with a huge amount of money-
If you lose money while selling or selling, then understand that money will be beneficial.

If you see a treasure buried in dreams, then you make a person rich.

If the cow comes in the way while going to bank, then understand that your money related work will be completed.

In the dream, man sees bald man himself, he receives incredible money.

- In the dream, seeing wheat-baked wheat in the farm soon makes a person rich.

If the potter is seen making a pot in the dream, he gets a lot of money.

If a person writes a check in a dream, then there is a profit in his business.

Visiting a camel in the dream creates the sum of money.
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