Korea: The accused arrested for land dispute

कोरिया: जमीन विवाद में ह​त्या करने वाला आरोपी गिरफ्तारKhadgawan police in Chhattisgarh's Korea district have claimed to have solved the blindness of blind guilt. The police claim that an accused has been arrested in connection with the murder. Two other accused in the case are still absconding. The absconding accused are also being arrested soon.
The case is from the small salvi of Kharagwan village, where the village Shriram was murdered by three people on the evening of 9th July. At Kharagwan police station, in the village Salihi, at seven o'clock in the morning, two bulls of the deceased Shrir were grazing in the cornyard of the village form Narayan, who reached the house of Bhavate form Narayan Shriram and raised a voice, but no voice came from the house. Then he went to the front gate and saw that Shriram's body was lying on the cot.
After this, Rupnarayan gave this information to the police. The deceased was alone in the house. During this time it was discovered that the land dispute was going on between the two deceased Shriram and the Sasajya Lal Sah, who is supposed to be of big kalua. The land of the disputed land was named after Lal Sai, but for nearly 30 years, Shriram was occupying that land. Land dealer Amarasay and Duljanjan Lohar together with the land deal was named for one and a half lakh rupees. For this Lal Sai had taken fifty thousand rupees in advance.
According to Chirmiri CSP Karan Uke, the three accused reached the house of the deceased to get possession of the said land, but the land did not get the land, they all attacked the dead with a stick and a shovel. After this the accused escaped.
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