Know the result of relation with a good woman

Relationship between husband and wife in Hinduism is considered to be the most sacred and important relationship. And at the time of marriage, husband and wife are given many measures. And promises to live together throughout life. After marriage, the wife also hopes that her husband will support her throughout the life. And will never cheat. But there are some men who get trapped in sex and forget the wife. And make relationships with other women. This is the biggest injustice to his wife. She has left everything to her and has come to live with you. And come to the hope that you will never cheat on him. It has been said in the scriptures that there is a bad result of bad karma. And there is a good result of good karma. Building relationships with a good woman is also a very bad thing. And the person in this work has to suffer terrible consequences in life. Friends, today we will tell you, knowing the result of building a relationship with a superior woman will be happy, sure.

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• Creating a relationship with a perfect woman is the biggest sin. After this sin, the person gets place in Hell. A person does not remain happy even in his life. And in the person's life there is some problem going on.

• According to the sages, the person should control his sexuality. The person who does not do this and makes a relationship with the other woman. He has to go to hell.

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• Women who have relations with non-men, other than men, are run on hot iron in hell. And in the next life, those women are given birth as a lizard, a bat and two snakes.

• According to the Puranas, people who are related to women of their own family are born in the form of hysteria in the next life.

• According to Puranas, men who are related to a young age or virgin girl are born as a python in the next life.

• The person who enters women in their nerves and wanders their mind. It has to be born as a chameleon in the next life.

• After the marriage, the person who is involved in adultery with a woman who is betraying a wife, is blindfolded and thrown into the fire.

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