July 13 is the solar eclipse, people of these zodiac signs be careful

Multimedia desk This time there will be two eclipses in July. The second solar eclipse of the year will be on the new moon day on 13th July. On the 27th, there will be a lunar eclipse. This time the solar eclipse will be in the re-nakshatra and the Harsha Yoga for 2.25 hours. The eclipse will start from 7.19 AM, and salvation will be in 9.44 minutes.13 जुलाई को है सूर्यग्रहण, इन राशियों के लोग रहें सावधान
The eclipse will take approximately 12 hours. During eclipse, the Sun will be in Gemini and with it the moon will also be present. This solar eclipse is not visible in India, hence the idea of ​​its sutak would not be in India. This segment of solar eclipse will be visible in the southern parts of Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Pacific and Indian Ocean.
According to the astrologers, due to the absence of the solar eclipse in India, it will not affect India. Even then, in the constellation that is eclipsed, the people of that amount may have to face problems.
The solar eclipse will be in the Adra nakshatra, Gemini zodiac. It is the constellation of Rahu, so those who are related to this constellation may have to face hardship. People with cancer, lions and Gemini should be careful. Their work can get stuck. There may be physical and financial difficulties.
To avoid the effects of solar eclipse, people of Cancer, Lion and Gemini should chant Shiva. Donate to the poor During the eclipse period, read Shiv Chalisa or chant Lord Shiva.
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