It completely ruins the eyes, this is a mistake that you do every day

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It completely ruins the eyes, this is a mistake that you do every dayआंखों को पूरी तरह बर्बाद कर देती है ये एक गलती, जो आप रोज करते हैं
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Have you ever wondered how our life will be without eyes? You must definitely look at this once. Because people who do not have eyes. He can understand that the life of the eyes passes through how much trouble. There is always dark shadow in the eyes of the eyes. When a person can not see So he just can not feel it. That's why we all must periodically check our eyes.

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Today the whole world has become digital. In which every person has a mobile phone, the Internet has become very cheap. Because of that everyone is using the Internet easily today. But today most people stick to the mobile overnight night. In which he keeps chatting overnight. Due to which the light coming from the mobile causes damage to their eyes. You also must use mobile at night. During that time, you may also have water in the eyes many times. By asking whom you start running mobile again. That's what you make the biggest mistake.

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After running the mobile for hours, water comes from eyes. So this means that your eyes are no longer able to tolerate the rays coming out of the mobile. If you continually ignore this signal So it will ruin your eyes.
Message: Friends, everyone thinks why we donate our eyes? But once you think of yourself that your donated eyes can shine in the darkness of someone's life. That's why friends must donate their eyes.
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