India's 5 iconic bikes, which still beats the hearts of people

New Delhi (Kalra). Nowadays there are more than one biking in the market, but many of these are the models that come when, when do they go, nothing can be known. There are very few bikes that leave their mark in people's jaws. Even today in India, the bikes such as Pulsar and Royal Enfield may be crazy, but at a time when people used to be crazy about the bikes like Ambassador, Caliber and Karisma. Riding these bikes used to be a matter of pride. Let's once again show the bikes with memories of memories.
भारत की 5 आइकॉनिक बाइक्स, जिनके लिए आज भी धड़कता है लोगों का दिल
Yamaha RX 100: It was a bike that lured everyone with their style. A bike that not only regulates the hearts of ordinary people but also makes money in Bollywood. Yamaha's RX 100 has been a iconic model in India. Even today people want to buy it. Turning back the pages of history, this bike, which was introduced in 1976, became a favorite bike for a few years. This bike was produced from 1976 to 2006. The bike had 2 stroke of 100cc, a single cylinder engine which provided the power of 11bhp and torque of 10.39Nm. Apart from this the bike was equipped with 4 speed gear.

Hero Honda Karisma: Karisma's name is still on the lips of people. Hero Honda launched its sporty bike Curijma in the year 2003. Its look attracted young people very much. After seeing Karisma, wings began to appear in the bike later. This bike had a 223cc engine which gave power of 17.2bhp. Karizma's top speed was 132 kmph. Several times the changes were made in this bike but that change could not attract people. At the moment you will get bike in the market called Karisma ZMR.

Bajaj-Kawasaki caliber: The caliber emerged as a bike that made the Bajaj-Kawasaki pair a hit overnight in the market; the caliber proved to be the strongest bike in its segment. Hudi Baba .... Hudi Baba .... You will be remembered. These days the Kawasaki caliber advertisement was quite popular. Bajaj had built this bike from 1998 to 2006. The bike had a 111.6cc engine which generates power of 7.8ps and 8.1Nm torque. There was a 4-speed gearbox in this bike.

Ambassador 350RD: The 35-year-old ambassador to the youth in the 80-90s was among the most powerful full bikes. It was such a comfortable bike that the hours were not tired of riding it. The bike had a 2-stroke engine of 347cc which got the power of 31bhp and torque of 32.3Nm. In addition, the bike was equipped with 6 speed gearbox and its top speed was 160 kmph.

Yazadi Roadking 250: Yajadi was built by JAVA Limited in Mysore. This bike was produced from 1978 to 1996. There was a semi-automatic clutch, due to which the young people liked it. This bike has been used many times in Hindi films too. Speaking of the engine, Yazdi Roadking 250 had a 250cc 2 stroke, single cylinder engine, which generated 16bhp power and 2.43 Kgm torque. This engine was equipped with 4-speed gearbox.
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