If Jinnah's ambulance had not finished the petrol, then Pakistan would not have been so ruined

The evening was at 4.15 pm. A special plane landed at Mauripur airport. The man lying on the stretcher was on his feet when he landed here a year ago. Then thousands of crowds at the airport were waiting for him to watch just one hour. But today this airport was empty. Absolutely silent None of the military officers came to pick him. Whereas the bureau of officials should have been present there by law. The patient was brought out of the plane by laying on the stretcher. Then he was laid in a military ambulance waiting for that. Ambulance sailed for Karachi at a slower pace. Very slowly, so that the VIP patient who is in the inside may not have difficulty with the hiccups. Where to go, that place was just 30 minutes away. Ambulance stopped abruptly after traveling around halfway. On the beach on the beach He knows, his petrol is over.

The patient was on the stretcher, the flies were beating on the mouth
Karachi usually used to be cold. Furious air from the sea flows and the city cools down. The effect of the wind did not feel heat. But that day was probably against everything. Air was missing. Fierce heat and intermittent ambulance on the middle road The poor patient's condition started getting worse. He was already very sick. The heat worsened her. Herds were fluttering over her mouth and her mouth was soaked. But there was not enough strength in the hands to remove the flies. Her sister Fatima and her nurse Dunham, on the face of the fan, continued to hang around. Waiting for the second ambulance, one minute or so, Manind Kachot was in the era. Every passing minute was taking her away from life.

This is the photo of May, 1947. Of Calcutta There was a lot of violence at the time of the split. Getty has written in the original caption of this picture. If there is peace here, then Jinnah and Gandhi will have to visit here together. People will have to appeal to stop bloodshed (Photo: Getty)
What did he say the last thing before he died?
See chance The place where this ambulance was parked, there were hundreds of tents around it all around. The whereabouts of refugees Those who came to the border were saved in some way. Behind his own house, his land and many others had left behind him. They did not even have faith. That he was lying down in the ambulance at some distant distance from him, whose insistence had brought him into this condition. The distribution of the Vatan was made. After the long wait, the second ambulance I. patient was taken to the Governor General's bungalow. The doctors saw him Said, first trip to the plane. Then stay in heat after the ambulance stops. Both of these things did not catch the body of the patient. Because of this, his expectation of living and recovery was greatly reduced. The doctor left the patient with his sister and went to the doctor. The patient was sleeping in deep sleep for two hours. Then the sister saw, she opened her eyes. The head is pointed by a blow. Your close is called close. With great emphasis, there is a voice in the form of whispering through his throat -
Phati, Godh Hafiz .... La ilaha il Allah ... Muhammad ... Rasul ... Allah
As he said this, his head was peeking at the right. Eyes closed. The person who was dead was Jinnah. Full Name, Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India's British rule. Mountbatten's opinion about Jinnah was very bad. In April 1947, sending a report to the British PM, Mountbatten described Jinnah as "psychopathic" and "irresponsible person of the highest rank". In the photograph Mountbatten and his wife Irina are with Jinnah. This is a photo of August 1947 (Photo: Getty)
Jinnah was very afraid of doctors
Jinnah used to drink about 50 cigarettes daily. Kravan A. This was his favorite cigarette brand. Its smoke absorbed their lungs. Man born in Karachi The whole world roamed and came back to Karachi. To Die. Jinnah's death was not a small issue. He left behind all his responsibilities. The people were handed over to the hands of the wrong people. There were many diseases in them. TB Bronchitis The heart was too weak The lung cancer was in their possession. Sister always insisted If that's sick, get treatment. But Jinnah was afraid of doctors. Due to treatment, they were afraid to eat medicines. They often try to prove that Doctor Confucius lives. One tells something. The other says something else. Jinnah used to say That they do not have a doctor at all. That they are afraid of handing themselves over to the doctors.

This is the historic photo taken on 3 June 1947. Mountbatten is with Nehru and Jinnah It was talking about the plan for partition of India. Jinnah did not agree with this plan. But Mountbatten warned them in a way. Apart from accepting this plan, they have no other choice (Photo: Getty)
Still not left a cigarette
The weakening of the disease kept his body repeatedly. Keep answering But Jinnah kept on wearing suits boots and went into functions. Keeping the sick body hidden behind a false smile They also have to struggle to get up from bed All the energy of the body puffed up. But they pretended to be fine. Did not look hungry. Lying on the bed for life, Jinnah, who slept in deep sleep, was passing through the night. But he stuck on his insistence on not being treated. Keep working for fourteen-fourteen hours everyday. Then when he agreed to get treatment, it was too late. The body had reached this stage whether it gave nectar, but would not be okay. Jinnah repeatedly told her sister Fatima There are so many important things that they can not afford to apologize. They
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