How hard the judge must have been

G girls say that almonds are put in shampoo so that the hair is remembered that they do not have to break.
Sharif comes again very much Sharif, the girls who go to the mouthpiece dufta dam boyfriend.
How hard the judge must have been that the judge told the delicate bud seven-year sentence.
How hard the judge must have beenवह जज कितना सख्त लौंडा रहा होगा
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It does not matter that there is nothing to do in life so far that there is no possibility of doing anything further.
After froging the frog for rain, trying to stop the rains by feeding the donkey to the donkey.

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I have heard from our childhood, our deeds come back to us. Now, I'm talking about five girls, Love U, if someone says love you to me, then people will say it is right.
In Jaipur, the English take selfie with the hot air and we with their lunges.

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