Heavy rains in Bhopal, people upset, mayor on hold

Bhopal. Heavy rain released from late night in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal opened the tone of administration's earlier rains.
Heavy rains have been going on since last 10 o'clock in the capital, Bhopal, after which many major roads, intersection and lower settlements of the capital have become watery till this morning. Many of the colonies in the posh areas of the capital, Arora Colony, Shahpura and Bhel region, busiest areas, MP Nagar, Hamidia Road and many major roads of old Bhopal were knocked down to the knees. There are many news reports about water intrusion in many homes too.
Heavy rains cause trouble, mayor on hold: heavy rain is the situation of waterlogging in many places in the capital Bhopal. In this way people's anger is bursting. Among the people's anger, Bhopal Mayor Alok Sharma has sat down on his own. The mayor is sitting on the sewers in the drain water near the Saifia College.भोपाल में भारी बारिश का कहर, लोग परेशान, धरने पर महापौर
In fact, there is a bridge of PWD on the drain passing through Saifia College of Bhopal. Due to this bridge the drainage water is getting disrupted and the water is flowing on the roads. Water has entered the houses of people.
The PWD officials are not taking any steps towards this gully, which is causing people trouble.
The water entered the houses, people were disturbed: In the morning many cars were trapped in the streets, which caused heavy traffic to the drivers. Due to heavy rainfall, the number of children going to school is also very low. Even those who reached the office due to the continuation of the rain till the time of the office, appeared in the struggle to remove their vehicles between the streets filled with water.
Traffic signal shut down, traffic jam on roads: Signal on many major intersections of the capital has also worsened due to continuous rain. Due to this the traffic congestion on the roads also got stuck and the place was jammed. The busiest board office squares of the capital and the traffic signs of Newmarket also died due to rain. The state's industrial capital, Indore, is also reported to have heavy rains since late night.

The Meteorological Department has issued the alert even today: The Meteorological Department had issued heavy rain warning on Wednesday, including Bhopal, in Indore, Ujjain, Jabalpur and Shahdol division of the state. According to the department, the rainy season will continue in the next 24 hours. Flood conditions can also occur in many districts.
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