Girls like to hear these words more than I LOVE YOU

Friends, have you ever talked to a girl I love you? Often, in Bollywood movies, on a romantic song, Hero speaks to his heroine as I love you. But you would not know that girls would like to hear these words instead of listening to I love you. So let's know what words girls like to hear.
take care of yourself
Every time a boyfriend leaves his girlfriend, and tells his girlfriend that you take care of yourself. So girls feel very good to hear this. Hardly they will not enjoy playing more than I love you.
Girls like to hear these words more than I LOVE YOU
Third party image referenceI LOVE YOU से भी ज्यादा ये शब्द सुनना पसंद करती हैं लड़कियां
Do not Tension I'm with you
You love a girl and care about her and worry about her. And when you say to that girl that I am with you, you do not need to take any tension. So that girl would love to hear it.

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Have you eaten or not
You can tell any girl more than speaking I love you, whether you have eaten or not. The girl will look for you and will take care of you all.

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