FIFA World Cup: Dubbed in celebration after 'wondrous' victory Croatia

FIFA वर्ल्ड कप: ‘चमत्कारिक’ जीत के बाद जश्न में डूबा क्रोएशियाAfter reaching the World Cup final for the first time in Croatia, there was a lot of embarrassment. If you tear the tears somewhere, then shout pale. If the crackers were left somewhere, the sky shook with the noise of the slogans.
Druga Kosich, commentator of the official HRT TV, happily screamed, "In the Croatia World Cup final. Amazing. The biggest miracle in Russia. '
Mandjukic's goal will be to fight Croatia, France in the final for the first time
In spite of heavy rains on the main square of Zagreb, hundreds of thousands of footballers sprang up. Croatian star player Luka Modarich said, "We are proud and happy. We will not stay here '
Mandjukik, who scored the winning goal, said, "The great teams can only return after being beaten by a goal against England, we played like a lion."
FIFA created the Croatia in 2018, despite the low ranking ranking
The group of people wrapped in red, white and blue colors of Croatia's flag on the streets were dancing and singing in joy. Frost Cooliech, celebrating with his friends, said, "This is an evening full of emotions, this is a great victory for us."
In the cafe and hotels, the waitress, staff, TV commentators and hospitals also used to wear red and white jerseys. Some shops were closed soon so that staff could see the match.
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