FIFA 2018: So small country for the first time in the final

फीफा 2018: इतना छोटा देश पहली बार फाइनल मेंCroatia: Croatia have won the finals for the first time in history by defeating England 2-1 in the second semi-final of FIFA World Cup 2018 on Wednesday. Now on Sunday, Croatia will face France in the finals, who had beaten Belgium in the semi-final 1-0. Let's say that the whole population of Croatia is only 4 million.
Let us know that before the match, Croatia's President Colinda Garber Kitrovich gifted Croatia's football jersey to British Prime Minister Theresa May. Nonetheless, a Croatian Croatian viewer said that we are very proud. Last time we had entered the semifinals in 1998 after war and independence. We showed that we can win. This is more important for small countries.

Let's say that Croatia's Mario Mandzukich scored the goal in extra time and reached the World Cup final for the first time. During this match the Croatian audience enjoyed a semi-final match at the main square of Zagreb and celebrated the glorious victory. During this, Fans celebrated the victory by flaming fireworks and flagging the country's flag. A fan of Croatia said that no one expected us to win.
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