Every man in this village has to do 2 marriages, reason will be yours too will be surprised

इस गाँव में हर आदमी को करनी होती हैं 2 शादियाँ, वजह जान आप भी हो जाएंगे हैरानGoogle
Friends, you have read many stories, have seen and heard, but today we are going to contact you with some rituals which are very bizarre to hear but are good, friends, we are talking about where such villages are Everyone has to do two marriages. Let's know about this village.

There is only one such village in Badmemar of Rajasthan, the men of this village have no children from their first wife. There are about 70 houses in this village and it is auspicious to know that there are communities of the minorities living there, that anyone in these 70 families There is no child with his first wife, even if he does not want to be in love with a child, this village has to do this. The name of this village is absurd.

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