Do not forget even after eating the Vindi's vegetable, these 2 mistakes, or else regret it later

भिंडी की सब्जी खाने के बाद भूलकर भी न करें ये 2 गलतियां, वरना बाद में पछताओगेThird party image reference
Friends, almost everyone likes to eat Vindi's vegetable in India. Many such minerals are found in Bhindi. Which are considered beneficial for our body. If you also like to eat Bhandi. So today we are going to tell you about those two mistakes. Those who should never forget.

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People who have stomach problems They should not eat the beans. Because this can increase his wife's problem even more.
Consumption of large amounts of Bhindi can cause bile problems. So, if you like to eat Bhandi. So eat only in limited quantities. Also, do not forget the use of radish immediately after eating okra. Because it can cause skin related diseases.

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