Delhi: Complaint of Metro error in the AVM machine, balance of 200 rupees found on 700 recharges

new Delhi. Delhi Metro has helped in simplifying the lives of ordinary people, but now gradually people are becoming increasingly harassed. In fact, nowadays, there is no complaint about Delhi Metro. At present, Delhi Metro has received complaints of technical disturbances in recharge software. This can prove to be a problem for Metro passengers. In fact, a passenger traveling in the Delhi Metro claimed that after recharging the Metro Travel Card for 700 rupees, the balance amount of 200 rupees from the AVM machine was found.
This is July 12 incidentदिल्ली: मेट्रो के एवीएम मशीन में आई गड़बड़ी की शिकायत, 700 के रिचार्ज पर मिला 200 रुपए का बैलेंस
According to Prakash Chandra, a passenger traveling in Delhi Metro, he had recharged 700 rupees from the box in the Metro Travel Card on July 12. But when his wife reached the AVM machine on the metro station, he was showing a balance of 200 rupees in his card. When this information was received by light, he immediately complained about tweeting the Delhi Metro. Prakash has alleged that he has lodged a complaint against the Metro's five different Twitter accounts. But even after 6 days of passing, the DMRC has not given any answers to this.
Grievous complaint lodged
Please tell you that Prakash Prakash has filed a complaint with Tweeting the DMRC. Prakash has alleged that the DMRC is not getting the facility of twitter launched for online complaint on behalf of the passengers. When no response was received from the DMRC for the last 6 days, Prakash Prakash has complained again on 18th July. Prakash has alleged on DMRC that he tried to recharge his travel card by putting it on AVM machine but his card did not receive any outstanding amount.
DMRC management told the complainant
Let us know that DMRC management has described the passenger's complaint as unfounded on this matter. DMRC management says that Prakash Prakash had already recharged 200 rupees and when he did not top up the card on the AVM machine in the station. After this, Prakash Prakash had recharged 700 rupees and the recharge of 200 rupees from AVM machine resulted in the card already having a balance of 200 rupees. Please tell that DMRC has said that after recharging the card again on AVM, the passengers will get Rs 700 in the travel card.
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