Big BJP leader resigns, ready to go with Mamta Banerjee

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The Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a major setback. A popular BJP face has said goodbye to the party. The big face resignation before the election can be a problem for the party. More than that, this leader is now preparing to go to Mamata Banerjee's party. Let's know who is the leader and the BJP has become a problem for the problem.

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Advani was considered close to
The leader who left the party was considered close to LK Advani. Although he had been running margins for a long time. The BJP had sent them to the Rajya Sabha but their membership ended in 2016. Recently the election was held in Karaana. During this, Chandan had given a statement against the BJP. From then on, it was conceived that he could leave the party.

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This is the leader who left the BJP
The leader of the BJP who left the party is Chandan Mitra. Chanda Mitra is the popular face of the BJP. He was the first big journalist. However, later he had come to politics and he had retained the BJP. The BJP also sent Rajya Sabha to reward Chandan Mitra. Chandan Mitra has now announced to leave the party.

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Mamta's going to stop
Chandan Mitra left the BJP but now he is going to stop Mamta Banerjee. They will be coming to Trinamool Congress in Kolkata on July 21. Mamta's rally is 21, in the same way she will be part of the Mamta. Chandan's resignation for BJP can lead to headache due to factionalism and weakness in the organization. If you like this news then definitely share it. You can also follow me for similar news and news. Thank you ..
(Source- Aaj Tak Dot India Today Dot In)
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