769 crore China's most expensive movie 'Asura

Chinese film reviewer website Dube gave 'Asura' 3 out of 10
Beijing Based on the Buddhist mythology, Asura is the most expensive movie of China ever, but it proved to be a film flop. It cost $ 11.2 million (about Rs 769 crore) in Banana. E-commerce company Alibaba had also invested money on 'Asura', but it earned only $ 73 million (about Rs 50 crore) in three days. Three days after the release, it was lifted from the theaters all over the country. The announcement was done on the official Vibo of the film (Twitter like Chinese Social Media Platform).
Asura's Producers Jangian Film Studios and Ningxia Film Group apologized to the people and said they could not attract more viewers to the theater. He also said that whatever Chinese and international partners have been involved in the creation of this film for the last 6 years, we also apologize to them. The film had 2500 people from around the world. Most of the people were from Qinghai, Ningxia and Hebei province of China. Post production took place in the US, which took 15 days.
It was loudly publicized: Hong Kong and Chinese artist in this movie. In the film, a shepherd Ru Yi (China's Actor Woo Lee) is given the responsibility to save Asura, the symbol of good wishes. By then, it remains a part of the mythical power until the other force ejects it. The government of the film also had a lot of publicity.
Films reviewers also reported poorly: Chinese film reviewer Website Dube gave the film 3.1 out of 10. Maoyan, another site that provided ticket, gave the movie 6.4 points. With 'Asura' released, 'Hidden Man' earning nearly 350 crores in the Chinese box office at the second spot.
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