6.9-inch full HD display and 5400 mAh battery will be launched with this great phone of Shaomi

New Delhi: Those who buy Reliance Geophos at Petyam's E-retail platform, Petmem Mall, are being given tremendous discount. Here, flat discounts of flat 500 rupees are being given for buying Geophos. Customers can get this offer through 'Monsoon500' coupon code at Peti M Mall. These discounts are being given under the 'Monsoon Loyalty Cashback' offer of Petty M.
In this way customers can buy geophos for Rs 1000.Paytm मॉल दे रहा है JioPhone पर बड़ा ऑफर

Now you can run Whatsapp and Facebook in Geophone
Now the Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube app will be run in Reliance's Geo Phone 1500 priced live phones. Reliance Jio phone was launched by the company in the year 2017 and since then the customers of the most popular messaging app WhatsApp were waiting for the phone. AGM said that users now use WhatsApp, Facebook app, YouTube app on live phones Will be able to do it.

For this phone running on kaios of Firefox, special versions of Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube have been dropped, which support this operating system. As the phone was lowered with the voice command feature, the app also runs with voice commands. For example, playing any video on YouTube, uploading photos via Facebook, and sending WhatsApp messages by voice command.

What is special in Geophone?
The phone has a 2.4 inch QVGA display whose resolution is 320 × 240 pixels which will operate with a numeric keyboard.

Micro SD card support has been provided in the phone. Its internal storage is 4 GB which can be extended up to 128 GB. Geophone has a RAM of 512 MB. It has a 2000 mAh battery which will provide 12 hours of talk time.

Looking at the photography front, the rear camera is 2 megapixels and front facing camera has 0.3 megapixels.

The phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack available. In addition to the FM radio in the phone, the basic camera is also given.

In the wake of Indian users, this phone has also been supported in 22 Indian languages.

This is Kai OS and Wi-Fi, NFC Supportive.

Geo phones for messaging and entertainment will be pre-loaded with many apps for geo suites. This is especially prominent on Geo TV, in which over 400 live TV channels, as well as Geo Magic and Geo Cinema, which will entertain users in many regional languages.
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