What is Bitcoin? How to earn from Zebpay Promo Code

Hello friends Today, what I am going to tell you about can be very useful to you. What are you BitCoin in this post today? And I'm going to tell you how you can earn. So do not take too much time to let you start.

What is BitCoin?
Bitcoin is a digital asset, you can call Bitcoin as digital currency. That is, it is not a physical currency of a method like I.N.R. Or dollars. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin software base is currency. That is, the trading of bitcoin is the thru of the software. Whatever the record it contains is inside the software. That is, it has no one owner. Bittoine. No one's personal property. Any country or company bitcoine can buy any and anyone can use it. Betcine Thrus You can purchase anything through internet and can earn bitcoin by selling anything. Bitcoin many companies provide. You can start trading of bitcoin by opening your account in any of these companies.

How can you make money from bitcoin
Friends, like you know about the bitcoin in the above video. ZebPay is the best company to invest in Bitcoin in India. You can earn bitcoin by ZebPay and you can buy anything from those bitcoins. Through ZebPay you can recharge your mobile, recharge DTH, recharge data card. In the coming days, you will be able to pay broadband bill payments, telephone bill payments, electricity bill payments from ZebPay.

Through ZebPay's Purchases you can purchase the Voucher of Amazon, Flipkart, BookMyShow, Pizza Hut and Domino's. You also get different types of discounts on these vouchers. So now let me tell you how you will open your account in ZebPay App and earn 100 rupees for free.

How to Get Free Bitcoins by Using Zebpay Promo Code?
To use the friends ZebPay bittoine service you will have to install ZebPay's app in your Android or iPhone. You can install the ZebPay app from the link below.

Download Zebpay Android app

Once your app is installed, you now have to open your account in it. You will enter your name, email address, and your phone number, through the phone number, it will verify your account.

After verifying the account, click on the menu button at the top of the right side, click on the Free Bitcoins option below it,

You will have a box in the box that you will enter the promo code of REFLAXM7452 100. After that, you will have to click the Verity button, as soon as you click the Verify button, your ZabPay account will get Rs 100. Friends, this is not very much 100 rupees but with these 100 rupees you can recharge your mobile, DTH and data card.

Similarly if you share this app with ZebPay with your friends and those people also open their account by installing the ZebPay app and likewise put your promo code in their account, then they will also earn ₹ 100 And you will also get 0.10% of each of their transactions for a year. That is, in this way you can earn as much money through the ZebPay app.

Friends, what is bitcoin? And ZebPay's Thru How You Can Earning If you liked this post, please share it with more friends in Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and WhatsApp, so that they can also do the morning with bitcoins and if any questions related to your bitcoin or any questions related to ZebPay If you write your comment in the comment box below, I will do my best to answer.,
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