Make Money Rs.24000/month from Digi Bank Referral Program - Ras 200 Per Referral

Hello friends In this post we will get all the information about the digi bank referral program.

By reading that you will learn Digi bank's referral program se paise kamana.

In order to know how to make money from the Digi bank referral program, we will detail about the following.

1. What is DIGI Bank?

2. Does DIGI Bank Kaise work?

3. Why is the DIGI Bank Referral Program Seasoned?

Let us now understand the three points given above in detail.

What is DIGI Bank?

DIGI bank India is the first Paperless, Signatureless, Brachless bank.

In which you can make a bank account through your mobile sitting at home which is absolutely free.

It is very easy to open an account in Digi Bank, for this you only need Andoird or IOS mobile, Aadhar card or Pan Card.

There are many advantages to opening an account in Digi Bank. You never have to go to the bank. All the work you do is done by your mobile.

There is no charge to open an account in Digi Bank and there is no need to keep Minimum balance in it.

After opening an account in Digi Bank, you get a free debit card where you can get unlimited transactions per day.

It can say that this bank is a very useful bank, you can do all the work from your mobile.

Now you understand what is DIGI bank now, know about how to earn money from Digi Bank.

Digi bank works out

Digi bank is a signatureless, paperless, and branchless bank.

This means that the branch of digi bank is only in big cities because no bank is required to make an account in this bank or to do any other work. All the works are done by the mobile application of digi bank.

By downloading Digi Bank's application, you can easily create wallet by registering it through your mobile number. And take advantage of all the services of digi bank.

If you have a base card or PAN card, you can easily convert e-wallet into a savings account by E-KYC.

The Digi Saving account has lots of advantages because of this you can earn money through referral. Unlimited transactions can be done without any charge.

Digi bank gives 200 rupees for every referral, meaning that if you open the application of digi bank and open a digibank savings account on it, then digi bank joining price is Rs 500 and if you use a mobile transfer using Digi bank savings account Money is sent and the person takes an account in Digi Bank with the same mobile number, then you get 200 rupees.

To earn money from Digi Bank, you have to follow the steps below.

Step # 1 - First install Digi BANK App from play store.

Step # 2 - Create an account on the Digi Bank application through Mobile Number.

Step # 3 - Once the account is created, add the Aadhar card and verify it by e KYC.

Step # 4 - Add Pan Card Number to Digi Bank's account.

Step # 5 - Now your account has been created and now you have to order your ATM Card which is absolutely free.

After getting the ATM you are ready to make money.

Now you have to send money to any mobile from your Digi Bank Account, so that person will invite you.

You can also send Rs. 0.01 to the person.

If the person you have invited has an account with digi bank through the same mobile number, then you will get Rs 200.

DIGI bank receives 200 rupees of each referral and I have been earning money from the last 3 months.

If you successfully refer 4 people in a day, then you get 200 rupees according to each referral 800 rupees

In this way you can earn Rs.24000 rupees per month in a month.

There are many ways to earn money from Digi Bank, which you can take advantage of by looking at the digi bank deals page.

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