EarnMoneyTip has predicted from previous result's the lucky number for morning,day & evening on 24 June 2018. We provide only Nagaland State predicted lucky numbers for everyday .We also update Lottery Sambad Result fast and Nagaland State Lottery results for morning, day & evening .Check today’s lottery result's 12pm (Morning) ,4pm (Evening) & 8 pm (Night) before the time of upload.

Prediction for next lottery draw are here.
Please choose the lottery tickets ending with following digits to get win>only last 4 digit.

9384 6165 3288 7723 5215 

0824 0515 9966 7089 8756 

5055 6382 4956 7109 

6552 4491 8937 1337 2426 

0448 6441 1101 7027 3273 

3161 7066 3509 6192 

6400 0027 3120 4039 6144 

1713 7570 0360 6423 2393 

2500 8121 5549 4752 

Note: Above number might end quantities of next lottery draw. Above numbers are created in view of past outcome examination and are every now and again evolving. So we prescribe to go lottery shop and after that check forecast. You can take ticket in view of forecast around then.

On 24th of June, these 4 zodiac signs will be bumper lottery, after 38 years. 

Those 4 zodiacs are given below.

Taurus: Sudden wealth can be beneficial. The coming day will be pleasant. Business will increase. Religious activities will be trending. Good news of the spring can be found.

Cancer: Anger and speech will have to be subdued. Good news will be received from the Satyarthi side. In the past life, the experiences of the ultimate happiness will be experienced. Patience will get freedom from thoughts.

Virgo: Business is likely to increase. Meeting old friends will be delightful. Love will be the beginning of a new life.Purchase of land can be done. In the world, happiness will be experienced.

Libra: All family support will be received.Your time is going on well.All of your work will be done smoothly. Your path of progress will be paved. The job can be received. Students will get special benefits on this day.

If you pray for Mother Lakshmi with a true heart, then definitely write "Jai mama laxmi" in the comment box. From which mummy Lakshmi will fulfill your every wish.

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